парк культуры квас

Park of Culture, Family

kvass of fermentation

Park of Culture. There is scorching sunshine outside and for old times’ sake, the one wants cold kvass the very same authentic, rich, sparkling with thick foam. Recollections invade immediately, the streets with yellow barrels with KVASS name on them and people in an uneven line pouring kvass in cans and jars, and were drinking it near the barrel with pleasure squinting their eyes …still thinking about it with nostalgia…


парк культуры квас
Газированные напитки

Park of Culture, Family

Park of Culture, lemonades in glass

Everyone remembers and likes the flavors of the Soviet lemonade. That’s why we did our best and developed for you the range of lemonades Park of Culture consisting of three classical flavors of our childhood: Lemonade, Tarkhun, Duchess!

Taking care of keeping that authentic taste, Park of Culture lemonade made according to the unique, original, soviet formula in compliance with GOST 28188-2014, with 100% sugar syrup without artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes.

Park of Culture, Family

Park of Culture, juices and nectars

Park of Culture is juices and nectars fitting every taste, of high quality, and at an affordable price. They carefully keep the real taste and aroma of juicy ripe fruit without artificial colorants and preservatives use. The brand’s assortment range contains both popular flavors in Russia and unique blends of fruit.


— apple
— orange
— tomato
— multifruit

Please welcome! That very juice, known since childhood!

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