Scandinavia, Natural drinking water

Drinking water

Healthful drink for your body

North-and-mountainous Scandinavia is proud of its unique serenity: passing through the membrane system the water becomes ultra pure and safe. It contains all necessary for the health salts (Ca, K, Mg, Na) and has a reasonable price.

Main properties of the substances included in the «Scandinavia»:

Calcium (Са)

It is necessary for bones, teeth, nails, muscular tissue, participates in hematogenesis, metabolism, prevents from microoganisms penetration into blood, enhancing body resistance to infections and toxins.

Magnesium (Mg)

It is a very good anti-toxic, anti-stress, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory element, plays a great preventive role in cancer control.

Sodium (Na)

Together with potassium plays an important role in normal osmotic pressure maintaining and participates in protoplasm initiation. Salty water rich in potassium satisfies thirst in hot weather without overloading the heart.

Potassium (К)

It is very important for muscles activity especially cardiac muscle. It participates in forming of nervous system chemical transducers to executive organs forming. Potassium salts help in excessive water clearance, help to eliminate oedema, used as anti-sclerotic element.


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