Taezhniy Dar, Carbonated Drink with Herbs and Berries

a unique product

Please welcome a new Taezhniy Dar!

Taezhniy Dar is a drink made under the guidance of the nature itself! Rich natural flavor of berries and herbs will give an exceptional pleasure with a long finish.

Таежный дар

Only the best 100% natural ingredients

We treat our customers with care that’s why we did our best to gather only natural ingredients for you and we refused to use preservatives «sodium benzoate» and «potassium sorbate» at the height of trend «the healthy lifestyle».

Improved Formula

Substitution of unnatural sweeteners with sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, and stevia, natural and very popular in Europe today. All this allowed to make the drink even more bright and flavorful.

Absolutely new kind of brand

A unique style with the focus on the flavor and keeping the «natural» origin of the brand will single out the product among the competitors.

A renew bottle with a special relief for 1,5L is expected.

Таежный дар щедрость вкуса природы

To keep the rich flavor and natural composition, all herbal basis for drinks we carefully gather in the Far East and dry them out without the sunlight.
Herbal bases are made at the temperature of no more than 60С, just to keep all healthy elements of extracts and berries.

Flavors of Taezhniy Dar:

Since April, 2013 part of every sold bottle proceeds has arrived in an account of the National park «Zov Tigra» – one of the few places in Russia and in the world where Amur tigers live.

Thanks to the support of Taezhniy Dar, the tigers have got care, food, and protection against poachers. There are only 500 species of Amur tigers at the moment, but we hope this number will be increasing steadily with our help!