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Niagara’s history is 20 years of amazing discoveries and new reasons for customers to enjoy inimitable flavors. Nowadays the drinks under trademark Niagara are well-known and loved not only in Russia but in 4 countries of the World.

The wide range of the produced drinks includes the time-proved items and also advanced innovative products. The ability of the team to think outside the box and sincere love for the job allowed the company to acquire the national fame and hit TOP-10 of the largest manufacturers of carbonated drinks in Russia


Niagara hits TOP-10 of the largest manufacturers of carbonated drinks in Russia.


Company’s portfolio includes both well-established traditional drinks and brands — Niagara, sweet carbonated water, Scandinavia, drinking water, kvass drinks, and new unique drinks such as Taezhniy Dar, VIP'S, Karapuz, kid's water.


Niagara always does its best to be useful for its partners, offering the opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation.


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